Friday, January 25, 2013

Tucson Cultured Sea Glass Design Team Reveal

A big thanks to all the designers, artists, crafters, and enthusiasts for agreeing to help out and participate in our Cultured Sea Glass design team.  The response as been amazing - my inbox was bursting with beaded awesomeness.  Two weeks is a very short turnaround but many of our team members were able to get things done in just a few days after receiving their samples.  I barely had time to post my blog entry announcing the challenge before I received designs sent in from excited members.

Members each received a randomly selected bag of mixed sea glass and crystal beads.  Some had pearls, base metal and other products but the sea glass was our main focus this time.  Here is a sample bag from Hope

Their instructions were simple: create pieces focusing on the cultured sea glass while trying to incorporate as many of our samples as possible.  This was particularly difficult since they didn't get any say in what color, shapes, materials or how many of each they got.  But with no exaggeration do I say they rose to the challenge and dove right in with relish.

Here are a few designs examples from our submissions.  To see all of them organized by designer, please check out the ZnetShows Facebook Page

Special Thanks to these designers who submitted their works.  Please take a look at all their blog pages and check out their designs.

Bobbie - Beadsong Jewelry

 Charlie - Clay Space

Cherrie - En La Lumière
Christina - Wings N Scales

 Christine - Sweet Girl Design

 Cindy - Live to Design

Donetta - Simply Gorgeous
 Gretchen - Gretchen Nation Collection

Heather -  The Crafthopper
 Heidi - Heidi Kingman Jewelry

Hope - CraftyHope

Kelly - Traveling SideShow 

Klaudette -  Only Road
Suzette - Ellie's Bijoux

To get the design juices flowing and give everyone a little push, I sent out these pictures threatening baby teasing if they didn't make the deadline!  Seemed to work as we got everyone's designs!


We will announce which designs were chosen for our Tucson booth and also which designs are the winners of our top prize soon. 

Stay tuned....


  1. Lovely! It was so much fun to be a part of this challenge. My fingers are crossed that I made the cut!

  2. I'm so honored to be in the company of such talented designers. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your beautiful glass, and best wishes for a great show in Tucson!

  3. Wow, how exciting and how lucky for these designers to be selected! Their items are beautiful!! Kristi at Keepsakes by Kristi (facebook).

  4. I too am honored to be among all these talented designers. This is my first time of being asked to be on a design team and am thrilled to have received such a great selection of beads in my mix. The colors were perfect for me to play one. No matter what pieces have been chosen, I am sure the Tuscon show will be a success.

  5. Abby is a little doll!
    Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of the design team, it was a challenging and fun experience. Good luck with Tuscon!

  6. Thanks so much for letting me part of this great opportunity. I had fun working with your cultured sea glass.

  7. Loved seeing what everyone created! What a lovely and talented group of individuals! I am pleased to have been a part of them :)

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity. I had such a blast doing this. Honored to be chosen among such a talented group.

  9. Glad I didn't give Abby a reason to tease me, but she's just a little doll! Thanks, again, for the chance to play with such a fun medium. Never have used sea glass (even man-made sea glass) before.

  10. Such eye candy glass jewels like Frosted Glass and particularly those sea glass. Thanks for sharing.