Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Partner Picks Summer Challege Wrap-up and Giveaway Winners

There were a ton of beautiful designs in our latest challenge. Before we get to the giveaway winners I'd like to highlight some of the designs. Don't forget to head over to each designer's blog and see the full range of what they created from the components selected for them by their partners.
via Amy Severina of AmyBeads
via Andra Weber of Andra's Joyful Journey
via Andrea Trank of Heaven Lane Creations
via B.R. Kuhlman of Mixed Mayhem Studios
via Becky Pancake of Becky Pancake Designs
via Cherrie Fick of En La Lumie're
via Christina Miles of Wings N Scales
via Christine Stonefield of Sweet Girl Design
via Cindy Cima Edwards of Live to Design
via Cynthia Machata of Antiquity Travelers
via Donetta Farrington of Simply Gorgeous
via Gina Hockett of Freestyle Elements
via Gretchen Nation McKillip of Art Food Lodging
via Hope Smitherman of CraftyHope
via Karla Morgan of Texas Pepper Jams
via Kay Thomerson of KayzKreationz
via Kelly Patterson of PyxeeStyx~Traveling SideShow
via Klaudete Koon of Only Road
via Michele Soncrant
via Pam Sears of The Crazy Creative Corner
via Rachel Baron of R. Baron Designs
via Sandi James of Do Be Do Bead Do
via Sandra Washington of To the Moon and Stars and Back
via Suzette Bentley of Ellie's Bijoux
Again, there's a ton more beautiful designs to see on each of their blogs. Now for the moment you've been waiting for. . .the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!
Becky Pancake
Charis Designs
Donna Middle
Jen Ren
Tammie Everly
Rebecca Ednie
Pine Ridge Treasures
Lori Schneider
Andrea Trank
Liz E
Susan Marling

Thanks to ALL of you who came by, commented, followed us, liked us, and shared us. We hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing the designs for this challenge. Just wait, there's even more to come!

(Winners please be patient as I will be contacting each of you individually to get your information. If you do not hear from me in the next few days, please leave a private message on the ZnetShows Facebook page.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Artisan Whimsy's 5x5 Test Group

Online bead community, Artisan Whimsy, hosts a 5x5 challenge each month. This challenge pairs up jewelry component suppliers and jewelry artists by giving five artists five supplies from that supplier. ZnetShows.com had the opportunity to be that supplier for July. Bill decided that it was possible for us to supply more than five sets and surprised the community by offering up samples of our sea glass to willing Artisan Whimsy members.

Here's a sample of shot of what they received
Photo via Cynthia Machata

And here are links to most of the participants so you can see what they created.

There are even more designs in this month's issue of Creative Bead Chat Magazine for you to check out.
July 2013 Bead Chat Magazine
 If you haven't heard of the Artisan Whimsy community or haven't signed up for it yet, you should definitely check it out.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Partner Picks Summer Challenge and Giveaway

**Attention! The Giveaway is now closed!**

Early last month we sent a call out to our Design Team members to see if they wanted to participate in a challenge. Those who volunteered were paired up and picked beads for their partners. They were asked to pick from a long list of ZnetShows inventory and choose 1 stone item, 1 cultured sea glass item, 1 glass pearl item, 1 base metal item, 1 Chinese crystal item, and 2 items of their choice (for a total of 7 items). As well, they were asked to use the beach as their inspiration when selecting their beads. We even created a   ZnetShows Design Inspiration Pintrest Board for reference.

The challenge was then for them to use at least one of each item their partner selected. They had the option of doing this in one piece or in several. They were asked to reveal their designs on or before the 6th, and today's the day! Check out what these talented individuals created.

In addition to the awesome designs, we're having a BIG GIVEAWAY. As a wholesaler of beads, we knew that a whole hank of beads was more than these ladies needed. So as their beads were packaged up, we held onto some of them for this giveaway. There are quite a few prize packages (25-30 of them actually) so you have a good chance of winning. The pictures above and below are just two samples of the prize packages.

The Giveaway is now closed! Thank you for your interest.

You can enter in several ways.
  • First and foremost, leave a comment below. Make sure your e-mail is either linked to your profile or leave your e-mail address with your comment so we can contact you if you win.
  • Follow the ZnetShows Facebook page.(Leave comment to let us know you did this)
  • Follow the ZnetShows blog (either through a FeedReader, Google Friend Connect, or some other method.) (Leave comment to let us know you did this)
  • Tweet, Share on Facebook, or Blog about the giveaway. Each of these methods will earn you an entry. (Leave a comment with your link for each way you did this.)

That's SIX chances to win!!
The giveaway will be open until 5pm (Eastern time) July 19th.
Good luck!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

More Partner Picks Summer Bead Previews

In anticipation of the Partner Picks Summer Challenge and Giveaway reveal tomorrow, I discovered a few more Design Team members had shown off the beads their partner chose.
(via Cherrie Fick of En La Lumie're)

(via Klaudete Koon)

Don't forget to check back in first thing tomorrow for the complete list of participants and details of the Giveaway!! I know i can't wait to see what everyone created.

Monday, July 1, 2013


We've got a lot going on here at ZnetShows.com and just want to check in and let you know what to keep your eyes open for.
(via Cindy Cima Edwards)

First, we've made a few changes to the blog's sidebar to include links to our Facebook page and Pintrest boards. There's also a blogroll of our Design Team. Check it all out over on the right.
(via B.R. Kuhlman)

Speaking of our Design Team, many of them are currently involved in our "Partner Picks Summer Challenge and Giveaway". We paired up interested Design Team members and had them pick beach-inspired ZnetShow products for their partner. We'll have the complete list of those participating up here on Saturday, July 6th. You should definitely check back in as it is a GIVEAWAY. Several bundles of ZnetShows products will be given away, but you'll have to wait until Saturday to get the details. For now, you can check on what some of the partners picked for each other. The links below will take you to their bead reveals. (The bead pictures throughout this post are examples of what these ladies received.)
(via Donetta Farrington)
Partner Picks Summer Challenge bead reveals

Lastly, we are honored to have been part of the 5x5 Challenge feature in the Artisan Whimsy July 2013 Bead Chat Magazine. Check out the magazine by clicking on the link.
July 2013 Bead Chat Magazine

We'll have a full list of the 5x5 Challenge participant reveals for you to blog hop next week. Stay tuned!