Friday, December 21, 2012

Cultured Sea Glass

ZnetShows' sea glass products are finally getting a name!  We are proud to present what we consider is a more accurate description of what our products are.  Similar to cultured pearls in the salt and freshwater industry, our glass beads are not 100% natural.  They are hand made with multiple steps between raw glass material and the soft, matte finished glass bead in front of you.  The glass is painstakingly transformed over many weeks from non-descript, unattractive raw glass to frosty beads capable of captivating beaders and fashionistas alike. 

We mimic the natural process of the sea with a matte finish (no acid etching is used).  The color of the cultured sea glass is original and is not dyed nor plated on.  Finally, the sea glass is actually glass!  Many customers have asked us in disbelief: "How can you sell sea glass so cheap?  It has to be plastic!"  To that we reply: "Sorry about that, if you would like to pay more, we'd be glad to raise the prices..."   The way we keep our prices low is to have a fully vertically integrated system from design to prototyping to materials to shaping, matte finishing, stringing, packaging, and shipping - we do it all.  This way we have no middlemen to pay, no expensive mark ups to pass on and you get direct from the source pricing. 

Cultured Sea Glass Beads

As with other cultured products, we can also make custom designs.  The prototyping may take a while and training our craftsmen to learn a new shape may also take a while, but almost any shape is possible.  For more information about customizing a cultured sea glass shape or production, please give us a call: 1-800-808-1782


Monday, October 1, 2012


This is the fall season where pumpkins, leaves, candy and everything else in between turn orange and yellow and red!  Get the latest orange items and go for some classics with our large selections of orange items.

Or you can do the same thing for your favorite colors.  Just type in magenta/purple/aqua/etc.  And you can see your favorite colors as well.  If you can't find something, just goto the top of the page and click on "View By Stone" and see all our stone and material selections.   

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tiaria Chinese Crystal New Coatings

Hello Everyone!  

We have quite a few new coatings these past few months and just wanted to make sure everyone knew about them.  The main page that we have had a few missing images and it was probably hard to find them, so we fixed the problems and now all the colors in our crystal beads are indexed and ready for purchase!  

From the brightest orange tangerine crystal beads with a soothing AB finish to the deepest of midnight blues, we have all the newest colors of crystals in really add something special to your jewelry collections.  If you are a wholesale customers, don't miss out on these great crystal bead colors.  Freshen up those crystal selections and watch your business grow!

See our entire selection of sparkling Tiaria Chinese Crystal Beads.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How are Sea Glass Beads Made?

Check out the sea glass bead process with the link "Watercolors Sea Glass" to the top right of this blog page.  We describe the process used to make our sea glass beads from blocks of glass to beautifully smooth beads.  Each bead goes through a lot of different steps and you'll be surprised at how many people actually touch each bead before it ends up on a strand!

(No, we don't dump bottles into the ocean hoping to pick them up later...)

Is this sea glass?  No, these are 50 kg blocks of raw glass material.  See how they are transformed into our best selling pebbles, tusks and freeform sea glass beads.  


See all our gorgeous sea glass beads online here!

Agate Beads Galore

Originally we never thought that agate beads could be dyed in so many interesting ways.  But with new methods and multiple applications of different dyes, we are able to offer much more vibrant and interesting agate beads.  Check out this selection of agate beads and you'll swear they are painted!

*Note dyed beads could still fade in color and vibrancy with time, but since they are stabilized, the coloring should last quite a while.  (hopefully long enough for you to find something else that catches your attention :)

How Tiaria Crystals are made

Ever wonder how our Tiaria Crystals are made?  They bring life in a giant cauldron of molten glass and go through many processes before they end up on a hank in our shelves.  Take a look at our Tiaria Chinese Crystal link in the menu bar above to see the details!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

ZnetShows Blog is Live!

Welcome to the blog!  This is a new blog that we are just starting.

We will put more posts here and on Facebook so that you can get a glimpse of how our company actually works.