Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Exclusive Custom Designs

ZnetShows is excited to make this announcement.

The above design was requested by a customer from The British Virgin Island for his gift shops in Tortola. The long and unique shape of these pendants was the biggest challenge in the whole creative development process. We wanted to ensure the sturdiness of the pendant while maintaining the realistic shape of the island. Initially, the customer requested only five colors for his exclusive custom production. And, immediately after receiving that first shipment, he requested that we start working on a second production. 

Working with our on-staff artist, you can design custom cultured sea glass or Chinese crystal styles for your business or product line.
Developed exclusively for the vendors of our State Shape Product line, this particular pendant (above) was formed into the shape of Florida. It includes a hole positioned and drilled to hang well. This process also involved making one portion of the glass thicker in order to achieve the perfect balance. From there, the heart was cut from the glass, while the selected word “Orlando” was engraved into it. Created in ten of our most popular cultured sea glass colors to attract a wide variety of customers, this is just one example of the customization and detailed process we put into these exclusive designs.

Once your unique item is developed, we GUARANTEE that we will not make the design for any other client or even sell it on our own website. You will have the product exclusively!

Designs can be made on existing pendant shapes or cut into a specific shape. From there, your design can be made on the glass in a variety of ways. And, the options are available in most of our colors too!

Consider the world of possibilities and then contact us to explore your options and learn the details.