Creative Spark Winter 13-14

Our first several issues of Creative Spark were published through a platform called Glossi, which then became Slipp. These platforms have disappeared along with our first few issues. Though this is in no way a replacement for any of those issues, those designs still should be available for inspiration. as such, here are the designer's images that were included in the second issue: Creative Spark Winter 13-14.

Cover Image

Andrea Trank

Becky Pancake

BR Kuhlman

Charlene Jacka

Christie Murrow

Christina Miles

Cindy Cima Edwards

Cynthia Riggs

Donetta Farrington

Karen Williams

Karla Morgan

Kathy Lindemer

Kay Thomerson

Klaudete Koon

Lisa Lodge

Renetha Stanziano

Suzette Bentley

Tammie Everly

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