Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Conch Designs (part 2)

After showing off our newest Babies (baby conchs that is) on our ZnetShows Facebook page, we had a great response from our fans. In turn, we decided to package up some mini samples of the little guys and surprise those who had "liked'" the photos. The catch? We wanted to see what they made. . .and soon! We haven't been disappointed. Check out what these individuals were able to create with our beach glass beads. Clicking on their names will take you to posts where you can see more of what they created.
Andrea Trank
Cathy Voss 
Courtney Breul
Cynthia Machata
Gina Hockett
Irene Laniham
Karla Morgan
Kathy Lindemer
Kay Thomerson
Kelly Patterson
Lisa Lodge
Marge Beebe
Patricia Brett (created several Facebook albums)
Sandi James
Susan Bowie

In addition, Michele Soncrant created several designs with her mini samples. (below)

Cherrie Fick was part of the initial design team to play with the baby conchs. She created an array of beachy designs with her beach glass shells.
Cherrie Fick

There are even still a few more designers playing with these awesome cultured sea glass babies so you should expect to see more designs soon.


  1. Wow! Seeing all the designs together just reinforces how versatile the conch shells are. Look at the variety of styles! It was fun being able to participate.

  2. Beautiful designs! Love Cherrie Fick's necklace!

  3. Thanks for featuring my Beach pin. So many wonderful designs from all the designers. Thanks for letting me play.