Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bead Style magazine - May 2013 - Cultured Sea Glass Necklace

Our Cultured Sea Glass item has been featured in one of the jewelry designs made by Kelsey Lawler, Assistant editor at Bead Style Magazine!  Her design is extremely elegant and simple, but packs some fashion whollop for any laid back bride or wedding party!  If you haven't already subscribed to Bead Style, visit their site and sign up!

It features our Marquise Spindle Cultured Sea Glass shape in three separate colors.  

P09-B16  - Amber
P09-B84  - Lemon
P09-B83  - Tangerine

 Wanna see how to make it?!?  You gotta get the magazine!  Props to our friend Michele for showing it to us or else we may have missed this entirely!

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